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Recommended Wedding Vendors

Do you need help finding the right Venues, DJ's, Photographers, Limo's or other vendors? If so we can help.

American Ministries handles more weddings than anyone in Ohio, even more than the local courts. We see countless vendors and venues who we know to be not outrageously expensive and who are professional. We listened to thousands of our couples who tell us what they think and we have put together a list based on just who seem to be very good at what they do, what they have to offer for the price and who are not to costly to afford.  And FYI, at the time we posted this, they didn't know we were searching for good vendor's nor did they know we picked them.  With that in mind, let them know we think their great and we sent you.
Our Recommended vendor's :

Our DJ pick:
  • iPerform Entertainment.
They have outstanding equipment and great prices for the packages they offer. Their ready to work with you on the best package to fit your needs and their prices when asked were lower than others we asked. And frankly, we thought their rigs were pretty awesome. Last we checked their prices were available on their web page, but you might want to call to check for updated prices or maybe they have a special going on. Contact them at or 614-949-0336

Our Photographer pick:
  •   Bruce Ellingson Photography.
Our Officiants have seen him at countless weddings and always thought he was very professional and our couples have said the same.  When asked how much he charged, we were stunned to learn he is very inexpensive. at only $400 for up to 6 hours, OR just $100 to take photo's of your ceremony for an hour at either of our wedding chapels. You can't go wrong with Bruce Ellingson Photography. Contact them at 614-302-4216.

Our Venue Pick:
  • The Venice Club.
This one was a easy pick. Several of our Officiants have been here and we were very impressed with not only the prices our couples said they were paying but this venue has it all. For the low cost of this venue you not only have the venue but, a playground area for the kids, fishing, Volleyball, Horse Shoes, fire pits and even a basket ball court. All included and don't forget the outside Gazebo. WOW, BUT WAIT! it gets better, They also have all sort of rentals like bounce houses etc that you can rent extra, and as if that wasn't enough, The venue is in a quiet area away from the busy roads in a wooded setting yet conveniently located off Sunbury road. The Venice club also welcomes your own catering and food at no extra charge. You can contact them at :

If you require a much bigger venue, just let us know and we will help you determine the best one for your needs.

Our Hair Salon pick:
  • Possibilities Salon.
Possibilities Salon is perfect for your hair needs, why? because their right here in our building in a private space beside our Grand Chapel. That's as easy as it gets. You can get you hair done and walk out of the salon and right in to our Grand Chapel in the next room for your beautiful wedding entrance. The Stylist will have you in a private area so you are out of site until your ready for your grand entrance. Be sure ask for Kim and tell them we sent you so she can get you set up for your wedding date. Give them a call at 614-396-6830 or call Kim direct at 614-370-1587

Our Coordinator/Planner Pick:
  • BurgundyGinger Events

It's been a long wait for us to post a coordinator, but recently this company has extremely impressed us. The planner is very good and contacts all vendors well in advance and if the vendors or Brides have questions about anything, she is quick to get the answers. She was very busy and helpful at all stages. If you need a wonderful coordinator or event planner who stays on top of your event from beginning to end, contact Nitina Francis at 614-285-5799 or log onto their website at

If you don't see what you looking for here, feel free to call us at 614-233-1950, and we can point you in the right direction.

We have hundreds of couples asking all the time who to call so this list is new and will be growing and changing by what our couples tell us. Prices won't tell you how good the vendor is, but our couples always can. We have based our list on feed back from them and from our own experience and prices for what they have to offer.  Not one of these vendors knew we were listing them here and we kept it that way while we chose the best for your wedding day. We believe they can make your day one to remember.

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